Handling a team is indeed a tough job and the task becomes tougher when the team is working remotely.

Currently, a large number of professionals have started working from home. The modification from offline project management to online project management has been sudden and quite challenging.

The new change of events can and already has influenced productivity to a great extent. To maintain the productivity of a remote team, you must have a relevant strategy and make some adjustments.

In this era of technical and digital development, there are plenty of scopes and advantages that can help you in improving the productivity of your remote team. Without further ado, here are some tips to help you in improving the productivity of your remote team.

Provide a collaboration platform

Teamwork means collaborating ideas and efforts where communication is a must. This seems to be a simple idea; however, this becomes the biggest challenge while the team is working remotely. You can create mail chains and messenger groups.

But you will still face difficulty in keeping everyone on the same page. The solution to this problem is collaboration platforms where you can avail of free collaboration tools.

You can keep the projects, assign the tasks, track the work in progress, and maintain a communication system on a single collaboration platform. When the projects are well-coordinated and the team is in complete sync, the productivity will automatically improve. Visit the collaboration platform of Crotle and say goodbye to miss-communication and confusion.

Set individual goals

Setting the goals of each member of the team is important to maintain a steady workflow. If the team members are not sure about their tasks, confusion may arise and the work may get delayed. Whatever the project is, divide the work as per the expertise of the team members and allocate the tasks on time.

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Hold virtual meetings

At times, discussions become crucial. In the office, you can have discussions or talk to your team whenever \required. While working remotely, make sure to have those necessary requirements. Virtual meetings can be of great aid in such situations and free collaboration tools can help you with that. Make sure to let the members know the time of the meeting in advance.

Monitor work regularly without being overbearing

Getting the job done is the key objective of any team.

Hence, one must keep track of the work in progress. Check the work that has already been done and solve queries or problems of the members.

However, do not adopt micromanaging. The team members may get irritated and may find difficulty in concentration if you keep checking up on more often.

Give regular feedback

Feedback acts like the key instrument for improvement. If team members are aware of their mistakes, it will not be possible to rectify the mistakes.

Similarly, the team members must be applauded when they perform well. The appreciation will encourage them to do better. While working remotely, you can give the feedback at the end of the separately to each employee or can simply drop a text on the group chat.

Most importantly, be patient and give space

Working in the office means working at a fixed time, whereas, the working hours may get a bit shuffled while working remotely.

A team member may take time to reply due to technical difficulties or other reasons. At times like this, the patient is the key. Give the member the required space.

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The productivity of any team depends largely on the cooperation inside the team. For remote teams, an online project management strategy should be developed and a proper communication system must be established.


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