With technological advancements taking over the business world, new websites are produced and launched every day.

They are all created for different purposes, and have different forms, designs, workings, and aims to attain. So, creating a unique one becomes quite a challenge.

Not only you have to create something literally out of nothing but are also responsible for it to make its mark in the already overloaded internet world.

Before launching my blogging website, I used all the data from my Cox Internet packages to search for the most efficient tools and expert opinions. And there’s a lot to learn.

So, the most important task is to make sure that your website is fully working before you launch it. Here are the most things that you must check before launching a new website.

Have a look!

WordPress Backup Plan

Being safe online nowadays is an illusion, so you need to make all your web data secure before you launch your website.

It is necessary to schedule backups at regular intervals.

You can choose email or whatever cloud space you prefer using to back up your data.

WordPress Admin Area

After securing your data, this is another thing that you have to take care of.

The admin’s area is sensitive and is very prone to attacks by malware and hackers.

As it is the center of your site, in case it gets attacked, the functionality of your website is in danger.

What you can do for it is to secure it with a strong password. Not just for the logging in process, but also to make all of the admin area safe.

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404 Errors

You need to check your website for 404 errors before you launch it.

There can be four reasons that can cause a 404 error to appear on your website.

Providing a wrong URL address, indirect redirection of the webpage, malfunctioning of the server, and page deletion. You need to check all the pages of your website to see if they are working properly.

If you have too many pages to check manually, you can use an app to find the problematic pages for you. You can also get email notifications for 404 errors on your WordPress site.

Maintenance Page and Coming Soon Sign

You can create a ‘Coming Soon’ sign, or a ‘Page under construction’ message on the page to work as a spoiler for your upcoming WordPress website.

You can include little details like your website releasing date, or an overall idea about the content you are going to share on your site.

You can also share the link on your social media pages/sites to get a boost.

That way, the audience will be looking forward to it even before it is launched.

Email for WordPress Site

You need to set an email account for your website to streamline the communication process more efficiently.

You can also set it up by using the email forwarding option.

This option lets the incoming emails on your website domain to go directly to your inbox. This is easier than making an email account and then handling it.

Fillable Forms

After you are done with setting up the email, you should check all the fillable forms on your website and see if they are working properly.

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This includes the ‘Contact Us’, email subscription, feedback form, etc. These forms must be accurately working as they are the connection between you and your customers.

You cannot afford to lose valuable feedback or helpful comments.

Shareable Audio and Video Content

Visual content like images, videos, and sliders can make your WordPress website much more interactive and appealing than the one without any such enhancements.

But you need to be sure that the visual content you have shared on your website is working properly.

Your posted videos and images should be optimized and compressed for providing a good web viewing experience to your customers. Make sure they are not making your website slow.

Social Media Connections

You should check the social media platform integrations to your website.

See that your content is easily shareable. Social media platforms not only help you grow your audience number but also boost up your website traffic.

For this, you can place social media share buttons on your site too.

Performance Tests

Finally, before launching a WordPress website, manual checking is not enough.

You need to run various performance tests when your website is in the developmental phase, and also, one final performance test before the launch. Many online websites check your website performance for you.

You just need to put your URL address. In case you find any failures, you can simply reset your WordPress website.

Was it helpful? Well, I have to leave it here because I have to go and search for cox cable near me online. Stay tuned for similar content!

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