Hey, do you like to travel well to me too but we can’t do that right now, unfortunately, the world is on a pause but eventually, all of this will clear up and we will be able to go travel again.

I compiled a list of eight of some of my favorite places to travel after quarantine you ready let’s do it all right let’s jump right into it starting with;

San Gil, Colombia

This is the extreme outdoor activity capital of Colombia from whitewater rafting to bungy jumping and canyoning down waterfalls.

I was only here for a short time so I only experienced paragliding which was an incredible adventure.

I definitely want to go back to experience more it is so beautiful out here.

Kuang SI falls

One of the most iconic waterfalls in Southeast Asia it’s located in the country of Laos about one hour outside of the very popular backpacker town of Luang Prabang.

With the vibrant blue color of this water, it just looks like a fantasy.

There are multiple different tiers of pools and you can go swimming at the bottom.

You can even hike all the way to the top to get an outstanding view of the entire jungle and since it’s so popular a lot of people know about it.

A  lot of people want to go here we went as early as possible. We were the first ones for about 15 minutes and it slowly started filling up and by the time we left it was jam-packed with people so I definitely recommend getting there early.

Monument Valley

This one in my home country of the United States of America is located on the Arizona Utah border inside the territory of the Navajo Nation Reserve.

Iconic for its towering red sandstone formation called buttes this one area became a symbol of the American West as any movie to portray any type of western scene would typically feature this as the background US Highway 163 runs right through here.

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This is very well known because it’s where Forrest Gump ended his famous run across America but the reason I love this area so much is that I had the opportunity to spend a night camping inside of Monument Valley which is restricted unless you have super-exclusive permission well not really you can go with a company.

It organizes tours to go in there and I did that with my buddy the traveling Klatt and we spent a night camping with a company called Navajo spirit tours which I highly recommend you check out.

Tumpak Sewu

It is located in Indonesia on the island of Java this beast of a waterfall is so amazing it’s a spot where you can get a viewpoint from the top.

Even hike all the way down which fair warning if you go here hiking down you will get wet it’s a pretty adventurous trail.

It’s pretty cool and when you get down to the bottom oh my goodness it’s like seriously being in some type of fairytale movie I shared a whole series about a road trip.

I did around East Java last year which features some more incredible places on the island of Java and Indonesia.

In general, it just feels like traveling around Jurassic Park it’s insane if you’re interested in hiking volcanoes and epic waterfalls definitely check out my series from east java.

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Siargao island

This palm tree jungle beach paradise is one of the 7,000 islands that make up the beautiful nation of the Philippines with the popular surf town of general luna.

It is a hub for backpackers this is one of the quickest growing tourist destinations in Southeast Asia.

Some great things to do around here include surfing this is the surfing capital of the Philippines so whether you’re experienced and come with your own board or looking to rent one there’s plenty of places to find.

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Even for beginners who have no experience, it’s a great place to learn as there are so many talented surfers who are instructors and can give you some great lessons.

So anybody can learn you some of the most popular activities include island hopping boat tours where you visit some nearby areas.

Islands that are incredibly beautiful but one of my favorite things to do is just explore the island by motorbike you can rent some wheels for a few dollars a day.

Just go out and explore there’s pretty well-paved roads to get around and is also some not as well-paved roads if you’re up for an adventure alright now.


This one is just a road but not any ordinary Road it’s located on the lovely island of Sri Lanka near Yala National Park since.

It runs right through a national park it’s known for having elephants come up to the road now.

I do just want to mention that it’s not a natural occurrence that these elephants just happen to be hanging out on the road they go here because they’re used to people feeding them do I agree with that no I don’t think it’s very good to feed wild animals, especially in this case now.

These enormous wild elephants are coming to the road and sometimes obstructing traffic and it’s dangerous for both humans and the animals now with that being said it is incredible to see a wild elephant in person with no fence no restriction.

It’s exhilarating it’s exciting so it attracts many people and just one final disclaimer if you decide to come here do not stop your vehicle keep driving and definitely don’t get out of your vehicle.

These are wild elephants and they are not looking for a hug they’re looking for some food and they’ll do anything to get it so be careful here we go.

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Ha Giang Vietnam

Oh, the views so Ha Giang happens to be the starting point for what’s called the Ha Giang Loop.

It’s where travelers come they rent motorbikes and they ride through the mountainous incredible most amazing landscapes in the world.

It’s a multiple-day trip where you stop in little villages in northern Vietnam and oh the views every time.

I would drive around a new curve I would look and just be astonished by this crazy mountain landscape.

I would just think to myself whoa it can’t get any better than this and then a little bit later. I turned another corner and go what it got better I did this when I first started traveling and it’s still one of my favorite experiences highly recommend to anyone interested in renting a motorbike and driving around in northern Vietnam.

Tayrona national park or Parque Tayrona

It is located in Colombia on the Caribbean coast.

This is where the dense thriving jungle meets the ocean so you have the beach and the jungle together.

It’s insane I arrived here with my buddy Austin and we hiked through the jungle for two hours to get to our location and I’m not complaining.

I say hiking two hours it was amazing there’s monkeys jumping around and types of animals.  I didn’t even know existed eventually we arrived at this location called Cabo San Juan which has tents and hammocks on the beach to sleep in not the most luxurious sleeping arrangements.

It is definitely an outstanding location we spent a few days here and on our last night, we’ve had the opportunity to sleep in a hammock in a Cabana right on the beach Parque Tayrona is amazing it’s such a great place to explore adventure again just where the ocean meets the jungle.

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