The ever-changing and dwindling political condition of Pakistan calls for a regular news update. This is the reason why the news industry is amongst the largest ones in Pakistan.

But a problem that has existed since forever but only recently has been recognized is that of credibility.

Even though, there are many news websites, channels, and papers out there but lack of a testing system leaves the readers skeptical about their authenticity.

More often than not, several newspapers and sources are seen publishing and airing contradictory content which, when investigated, turns out to be either highly exaggerated or completely concocted.

So, in a situation like this, readers must know what to trust and what not to. They must have a list of sources that they can read and almost instantly believe without any doubt.

Following are the three leading Urdu news websites that have established their credibility over the years and have consequently gained a pronounced following:

Daily Pakistan

Established by Mujib-ur-Rehman Shami, one of the most eminent journalists of the day, Daily Pakistan is the most popular Urdu news website in Pakistan.

It is known for its straightforward and unbiased publication. Almost everyone in Pakistan (and even those living abroad) follow Daily Pakistan to get authentic updates of all the happenings in Pakistan and around the world.

Daily Pakistan holds religion, culture, and its origin very sacred, and this devotion can be seen in its articles and the way it projects news. Owing to these attributes, Daily Pakistan has made a place for itself amongst the top news websites for both English and Urdu news.


Comparatively, a modern news website, Geo.TV is very popular for the latest Urdu news amongst the relatively young lot of Pakistan. It has a significant contribution in making sure that the latest news from Pakistan and around the world reaches to everyone keen for updates.

It comes up with genuine news, informative articles, and experts’ analyses, all in the Urdu language, which increases its reach by several folds.

Catering to almost every newsreader in the country, Geo.TV has broken the awareness barrier for a high population percentage that couldn’t read English News.

Jang Urdu News

Jang News Network is one of the most recognized ones in Pakistan. Its website for Pakistani Urdu News is known to be one of the top news websites.

Primarily known for its authenticity and timely updates, it has quickly established an online presence. Its progress is attributed to the fact that it reaches out to and resonates with almost everyone in Pakistan because of using Urdu as its language medium.

These news websites listed above rose to popularity because there are only so many online sources that offer Urdu News.

In a country like Pakistan, where there is a high percentage of an illiterate audience, taking measures to connect with everyone is actually a very thoughtful step on the media’s part.

Not only has it worked great, but it has also brought these websites a fruitful result in the form of engaging followers and, of course, good revenue.

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