Privacy. It is one word that we all desire. Yet, many sources are leaking our privacy.

One of these major sources is the browsers we use on our android devices.

So, to help you with the privacy you need the list of best privacy web browsers for Android is as follows.

Brave Browser

This is a brand new privacy browser for Android that is like Firefox Focus but with more advanced features.

It has built-in Ad blocking, media player, and flash blocking. Moreover, the app is free and works effortlessly.

Dolphin Zero

The great feature of the Dolphin Browser is that it has a toolbar that allows you to search in many ways and hide what you are searching for so that no one else knows that you are looking for that specific information.

It also has a built-in spam blocker.

With all the security features that it has, it seems like a great privacy browser for Android that will not take away from your privacy.

Epic Privacy Browser

As the name suggests it is exceptionally Epic in this list. It has a built-in ICAO firewall and network security to help keep your phone secure.

The encryption that it has is so advanced that it is almost hard to break. The site security comes in two forms, the search engine only version or the full version that you can use to get security for many sites.

Besides, it comes with an encrypted VPN proxy with eight servers worldwide. This makes tracking your privacy almost impossible.

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Firefox Focus

One of the things that make it the best privacy browser for Android is that it is able to remove the irritating ads found on the website. Most of the ads are visible on the websites that are not simply accessible.

Some of the sites also tend to put the ads on the top of the page. It functions like a normal browser for privacy by blocking trackers, blocking advertisements, and it has a button that immediately erases all of your browsing histories.

Tor Browser

This is one of the most compatible browsers for Android. It is the most secure browser to use.

This browser is specifically developed to protect the privacy of the users and they do not let any information from any third party onto the web pages that they visit.

Though it isn’t considered safe for the children who surf the internet while they do school work. The browser also deals with trackers using three encryption rates.

DuckDuckGo Browser

One of the best things about DuckDuckGo is that it is just like Google Chrome but does a lot more. It has ratings better than Google Chrome on many different websites.

The app blocks all invisible trackers from third parties that it can locate, and then shows you what it has blocked.

Also, it uses its own search engine by default and does not watch your moves online.


These browsers are free and can be used for privacy and security features. Each one of these has its advantages and disadvantages.

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You can choose your favorite by trying any of them. Also, if you want to try something new in your browsing activities we highly suggest you to choose one of these lists.

You will find some exciting new stuff out there that will surely help you.

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