If you’ve packed up your bags, and you’re ready to go to your dream destination, do not forget to install these apps on your Android handset. Here is a list of top 5 best travel apps for Android just for you.

#1- Google Maps

Maps by Google come very handy while travelling abroad. They may be a bit faulty a few times, but most of the times it would give an idea about your location roughly.

You must make sure that you have this app installed on your mobile before you go on a walk at a new place. The maps won’t just update you about your locations, but will also tell you about the weather information, traffic status, sigh seeing places nearby you, and much more.

As per your mobile, the maps also support turn by turn voice navigation, local search and business reviews, 3D building images, etc.

#2- Gogobot

This app is available both for Android, and iOS. Gogobot simply combines with your social media accounts, and recommends you the places where your friends, who share the same interest o hanging out just like you, have been.

The suggestions offered to you are made around criteria such as family, friendly, business, outdoor, sporty, etc.

You may these activities on the go, and gogobot will find points of local interests, restaurants, hotels, etc. within your reach circle. The app even allows you to turn your photographs to digital postcards, and customize them with filters to make them beautiful.

#3- Translate

Google translate is another must have app if you’re on for a travel.

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The app is a waste if you use it to translate entire sentences, but is really helpful if you need to translate specific words in local language.

It does a fair job while searching for single words, but is really crap when translating whole sentences, especially in Asia.

The app even supports camera input, and offline translations for Android versions 2.3, and above.


#4- Kayak Mobile

The mobile travel app helps you to make reservations for flights, cars, hotels, while you’re on the go.

It also gives you reminders from time to time so that you do not miss your flight.

You may use this app to compare flight, hotel, car rental prices; track your flight status; and look up baggage fees.

This one of the best and top app available for travel for your android smartphone. So, don’t miss out to have this great app on your smartphone while traveling to your favorite destinations :).

#5- XE Currency

This useful app provides you the live, latest currency rates when you’re online.

It shows you live currency charts, and you may use to convert all the currencies of the world.

It also keeps you updated with the latest precious metal prices in international market.

You may personalize the app as per your needs, like turning currency icons on and off, setting the frequency of rate updates, etc. It may also be used offline for currency conversion

#6 – AirBnb

Must Required apps to Stay anywhere in the world at Very reliable Rate, Free Fast and Secure.

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You will get Villas, Hotels, Gardens, Rooms and Much more on Airbnb.

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