What is Puja and Why we do

This icon is not the deity itself; rather, it is considered to be filled with the deity’s cosmic energy. India’s multifarious age-old culture is adorned by numerous pujas such as Shiva puja, Durga Puja, Lakshmi Puja, Vastu Puja in addition to other distinct Hindu ceremonies. Additionally, the notion of Puja(Daily Puja Benefits)may also be used in the context of revering […]

Secrets to Becoming Wealthy

Everyone wants to get rich & wealthy. But Goddess Lakshmi does not shower her blessings on each one of us.  Every human being on this earth gets fruits according to their Karma. Most important things in life are fulfillment of desires and ambitions. Wealth and money can do it to a great extent. But does everyone become Bill Gates or […]

Top 5 Lovely Flowers That You Can Give To Your Dear Ones On Any Occasion

For most people, it is hard to express their feelings in words. This is why every one of us believed that God had created flowers for this reason. These tiny little flowers can show emotions in a manner that nothing can. Flowers speak a common language of love that is known by all. For ages, flowers have been connected to […]

ISO 11611 Protective Clothing For Fire Fighters With Laboratory Test

ISO 11611 Protective Clothing For Use In Welding And Allied Processes, Protective clothing for automobile racing drivers. ISO 11611 Standard Protection against heat and flame — Performance requirements and test methods; For total protection against vulnerability to warmth and fire, it will likely be required to protect the head, face, palms, or toes with appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and […]