Festival of light, Diwali is one of the famous festivals of the year. All people wait for this auspicious festival eagerly. This festival is celebrated all over the world with great energy & excitement.

It is the day that symbolizes the victory of light over darkness, good over evils, etc. Because people believe that on this day, Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya with his wife Sita & brother Laxman after killing the demons & demon king Ravana.

So, to welcome their favorite king Ayodhya people decorate it with thousands of lights & earthen lamps. From there, Diwali is celebrated every year. On this great day, people decorate their houses, wear new clothes, greet their near & dear ones with fantastic Diwali sweets & gifts as a token of love & affection.

Exchanging the Diwali gifts with your closed ones is an old age custom that is the best way to express your feelings & emotions & wish them a happy & prosperous Diwali.

Different people celebrate this auspicious festival in different ways. There are a lot of ways to celebrate this auspicious festival.

Do you want to know about creative ways to celebrate the festival of lights? If yes, then here we have discussed some thoughtful ways of celebrating this occasion that may help you.

Here are some of the unique ways to celebrate the festivals of lights:

Go With A Traditional Rangoli

Making a traditional rangoli in front of the doorway is one of the creative ways to celebrate this auspicious festival.

Rangoli is an art form in which different types of patterns are made on the floor or ground by using artificial colors & chemicals. But this Diwali ditch all the artificial colors & oil paints & go traditional.

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Use the colored rice, vermillion, turmeric, white flour, & loose flower petals.

These things add a ton of magic to your mind-blowing rangoli. In ancient times, rangoli is made to feed the insects & small birds.

So this Diwali makes a traditional rangoli & add a spirit in your Diwali Celebration. Also, send Diwali gifts to your closed one’s doorstep using the delivery services of various gift portals that add an amazing factor to your festival.

Say No To Plastic Lights

Diwali is the festival of lights, so everyone decorates their house with numerous decorative lights. There are several lights in different designs & styles available in the market.

But do you know that these plastic lights consume more light?

Strange! These lights use more energy so the consumption rate of electric energy is sky high during this festival. So, celebrate this Deepavali differently by ditches all these designer electric lights.

Go traditional & use earthen oil diyas. These days not only give a stunning look to your home but also add glamour to your celebration.

These diyas are totally organic & traditional, so you can reuse them for many years. There are countless gifts for Diwali available in the online & offline market. Choose the best one for your dear ones & amaze them.

Excellent Gift Ideas

Exchanging gifts with your dear ones is an old age custom. But this Diwali, do something different. Ditch all the routine gifts like candles & other items.

Gift something awesome that brings a wide smile on your dear one’s face. You can also choose the items as per their preferences.

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It is also the best way to celebrate this auspicious festival. You can go with the home decor items that brighten up their homes on this fabulous day. Besides this, Diwali plants are also the best option that brings positivity to your space.

Organize A Party

Organizing a small party at your home is also the best way to celebrate this auspicious occasion. You all know that parties & celebrations are the two faces of a coin.

So there is not a better time than Diwali to celebrate with your near & dear ones or especially with whom you have not met for a long while.

So wait no longer, organize a small party at your home, invite your old friends & relatives & enjoy yourself with them.

Instead of using firecrackers, fill the balloons with glitters & colorful papers & burst them in the evening with your family members & buddies. It is one of the best & memorable ways to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

Home Made Sweets

You all know that sweets are an important part of the celebrations. You can not imagine any celebration without these delicious desserts.

Right! But one thing to keep in mind before buying the sweets that always purchase desserts from the reputed sweet shops.

Many shopkeepers mix the artificial color in their sweets to give them a gorgeous look which is harmful to human health. You can also bake the pure traditional Indian sweets in your home.

The above-mentioned ideas are the best & creative ways to celebrate this auspicious occasion.

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