The process of making a tyre is complex. It uses the principle of multiple streams of knowledge like physical, chemistry or engineering to build the final shape of tyres. Several features are added to the Toyo tyres by the tyre makers. Still, if we look at the tyre manufacturing basics, several components collectively make the final body of a tyre. These components may include rubber material, steel, carbon black, silica, polyester, nylon and many more.


With the change in the design, tyre makers can build different tyres to serve the needs of car owners. Thus, we see different types of tyres available in the market. We will talk about the types of tyres after the discussion about tyre components that are crucial to building perfect tyres.


If we talk about the raw material, rubber is mainly used as raw materials with hundreds of other materials. These materials are mixed with rubber to create basic construction of tyres. Different ratios of mixed materials provide various features like traction, tyre noise, and compatibility for a specific season etc.


Tyre components are built with its aim in mind and also its relation to the other components. Tyre components are assembled in such a way that they can create a single product with each other because they adhere to each other.


Some standard components of tyres are explained below:



The role of beads is mainly holding the tyre to the rim. Beads are often made of brass, copper or bronze plated steel wires and are bounded into a band made of rubber.

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Bead filler:

Bead fillers are made of rubber and are situated inside the beads to provide stability to the lower sidewall and bead region.


Radial Cord Body:

The primary function of radial cord body is to provide strength to the tyre. This component consists of body plies that are rubber coated cords and made by fabrics likes polyester, nylon, or rayon.


Belt plies:

Belts plies are situated under the tread and provide strength to the tyre tread. The material used in making the belts plies is steel.



The sidewall is the side of the tyre, and it functions as a cover for the cord body. Usually, the information about the tyre is printed on the sidewall of the tyre.


Tyre tread:

The tread is the area of tyres that make direct contact with the surface. The design of tyre tread is vital for the performance of the tyres. Therefore, experts make specific changes in the design to make them compatible with different road and weather conditions.


As you see, every component of tyres is essential to make a perfect shape, and the manufacturers have to concentrate on every area to eliminate even a single change of mistake. Based on the variations made in the design of tyres, the tyre makers can offer different types of tyres for their customers.


Let us look at some most common tyre types.


All-season tyres:

These season-based tyres are useful for the driver throughout the year since the features of these tyres allow the drivers to cope with different weather conditions successfully.

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Summer tyres:

This is also a season-based category of tyres, and you can assume with the help of their name that these tyres are specially made for the summer season. You can believe in these tyres when the road surface is extremely hot. This tyres provides best controlling in extreme heat in the temperature, because of warm season used these tyres are made thickly with normal tread pattern which gives maximum traction between the road and the tyres. Heat temperature wear tyre easily but these tyres are able to conduct high temperature.


Winter tyres:

Winter tyres are made to provide perfect traction and grip when the roads are covered with snow and weather is bitterly cold. Run in less pressure and slippery situation these tyres provides sufficient traction and move sipes to improve grip and holding quality.


Mud terrain tyres:

You don’t always drive on smooth highways, and sometimes you have to go off-road. It is manageable if you drive on soil or rocks, but if you do it frequently, you have to buy mud-terrain since these tyres are exclusively made for off-road conditions.


All-terrain tyres:

If you usually driver on well-constructed or unconstructed roads, you need all-terrain tyres that have mixed features to make your drive comfortable on a smooth highway or a muddy surface.


Run-flat tyres:

This is a new technology that lets you drive your car without any hurdle if your tyre is punctured. This technology holds the air pressure even if the tyre is punctured, and you may safely reach a safe place. This tyre allows you to drive more kilometres after puncture takes place.

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Other categories are premium tyres and budget tyres. You may go for budget tyres if you need cheap tyres and premium tyres usually have a high price tag.


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