Do you have in mind to quit smoking and start vaping? Have you already taken the step and started with electronic cigarettes? If you are in any of these situations, you are likely to have any doubts. Don’t worry, it’s normal

What are electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes (also called e-cigs, e-cigars, electronic vaporizers, and vapers) are an electronic inhaler system created in China in 2004 to replace tobacco use.

Traditionally, its design has imitated the traditional cigarette, but, as you have already seen, there are currently very modern e-cigs with very varied shapes.

Likewise, it is possible to buy cheap electronics. Actually, there are them for all tastes and pockets.

These devices use a resistor and a small battery to heat the so-called e liquid uk into steam. This liquid solution can release nicotine or only flavorings. And that is a bit of the key to its success. Many people use the vaper as a “liberator” of nicotine to gradually stop smoking.

And then vaping … what does it consist of?

From the definition of e-cig, we move on to another: that of vaping.

Considering that vapers generate steam, vaping is nothing more than the action of inhaling the steam produced by electronic cigarettes.

The key to vaping is that it is an alternative to smoking.

The consumer himself is the one who regulates the amount of nicotine he wants and chooses the flavor that he wants at any time. All this, without being harmful (or being less harmful) to health and at a much cheaper cost compared to traditional tobacco.

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Many are those who have found in electronic cigarettes an important method of help to stop smoking and bet on their health. And it is that, although the road is not easy and it is a matter of desire and will, the improvements in the organism are soon perceived,

Battery, resistance, and liquid: main parts of electronic cigarettes

As we have anticipated at the beginning, today there is a wide range of vapers on the market: from those that resemble the tobacco cigar. Sometimes, it is difficult to discover that they are e-cigs.

You can also buy cheap liquids electronic cigarettes or the most sophisticated and latest technology.

In any case, they all have the same function: vaping. And the same parts: battery, resistance, and liquid.

Batteries with different autonomy. The batteries are generally 3.7V Li-Ion batteries with autonomy ranging from 180mAh to 3,000mAh. Without a doubt, this autonomy is what will determine its weight and size. The bigger, the more capacity, and vice versa.

The resistor is inside a premium e-liquids cigarette piece that screws onto the battery. The resistance is measured in Ohm and the normal is between 1.5 Ohm to 4.5 Ohm. Less resistance, more steam, but less flavor. And on the contrary. The more resistance, less steam, but more flavor. This piece has several names and works differently. This goes to taste 🙂

The most common types are these three:

Atomizer (Ato): It is a cylindrical piece of metal that contains a resistance that becomes incandescent when it receives current, heating the liquid until it evaporates.

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Clearomizer (Clear): It is a transparent and also cylindrical piece that directly contains the liquid and the resistance.

Cartomizer (Carto): It is an equally cylindrical piece with resistance and liquid storage fiber included. To understand it better it is like a cartridge + an atomizer, hence its name.

Liquids with infinite flavors. The Voro Vape is what is evaporated by the heat of the resistance, and what is inhaled. They are made from PG, VG, natural aromas, and nicotine.

What do these acronyms mean?

Propylene Glycol (PG): Low-density liquid substance. Its main characteristic is that it respects the flavor a lot.

Vegetable Glycerin (GV): A fairly dense liquid substance. If it is used as a base, it must be reduced with 20% distilled water. It produces an extraordinary amount of steam, but as a counterpart, it tends to blur and sweeten flavors.

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