There are many religious practices that the world has been following from time immemorial.

However, did you know that there exist some religious beliefs that revolve around flowers? Strange, right? All my life, I have never thought of flowers this way.

Now, whenever I send flowers online to my sister sitting miles away from me, I do think about these beliefs at least once. We have always looked up to flowers as something very beautiful, aromatic, and soul pleaser.

However, little did we know that flowers have played an important role in the rituals too?

People in Europe used to believe that flowers do possess magical power in their nature. Let’s check out what religious importance flowers hold in different religions.

Let’s talk about a few of these here:

Flowers and Hinduism:

Hindus are very much fascinated by flowers in both portrayals and worship.

Flowers have always been very important in the rituals and other sacred ceremonies of Hindus. As per Hinduism, every life on this Earth inhibits a sacred lotus flower in them.

The flower signifies divinity, purity, and prosperity. It also stands for fertility, renewing youth, feminine beauty, and what not? Various flowers have different meanings and values in different rituals and rights.

Other occasions like weddings, funerals, the birth of a child, and pujas at home include some of the daily flowers in their practices.

Flowers and Islam:

Well, the religion of Islam does not use the flowers much in their rituals as compared to other religions in the world. Flowers such as roses are mainly used on occasions such as death and marriages.


Also, the use of rose flowers has been done as the perfume by the people of this religion for a long time now. Rosewater is used to sprinkle upon the graces by the end of the funeral ceremony.

On the wedding day, when the groom reaches the bride’s place, the bride’s sisters playfully hit them with the flower stick, and the groom can hide his face with a mask made of flowers. Islam religion also uses Jasmine to represent virtue.

Flowers and Buddhism:

As per the beliefs of this religion, a lotus is considered the most exalted flower. Buddhist people consider the lotus as the symbol of Lord Buddha itself.

It is believed that wherever Buddha kept his feet, a lotus flower sprang up there. Buddhists also consider the lotus as a symbol of knowledge.

This flower also helps in the elevation of the spiritual level in a person. Many Buddhist artworks use lotus to signify Lord Buddha.

Flowers and Christianity:

The sufferings and sacrifices of Jesus Crist have been shown using passion flowers. Flowers like white lily and roses are used to symbolize purity and innocence.

Whereas red roses are the sign of love and affection, or sometimes, it is used as the symbol of Christ’s blood. Also, the altar at the Churches is decorated using flowers, especially on occasions like Christmas and Easter.

Also, flowers have great significance in occasions like funerals, baptism, and other such occasions. Christain brides walk on the aisle of flowers that signifies their fertility.

There are many more minor religions where flowers hold a place of utmost importance. This sums up for the all roundedness of the flowers that are not soothing for the eyes, nose, and soul but also, blesses us with their religious significance.

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Order flowers online Chandigarh and makes the most of these flowers since they will keep you calm and bring peace to your mind. There are ample of benefits one can get flowers.

From getting a natural air purifier to stress buster, flowers can help fight depression while can be used for various medicinal purposes at times.

Flowers can greatly work upon the human mind and soul if used properly. Planting flowers at home is a source of getting positive vibes and energies as well.

Another very important aspect of flowers is that it brings people closer. Flowers are known to convey our feelings and emotions in their own language.

They also make our beloved ones know how important they are to us. Are not flowers an absolute blessing on mankind in various forms? 

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