Bloggers can make Real and Big Money by becoming Flyout publisher.

What is Flyout

Flyout is the best blogging earning opportunity for bloggers in 2020. (Join Flyout , Its FREE) .

It is a great way to monetize your blog with zero hurdles.

Flyout is a free, simple way to earn money by publishing sponsored content on your blog.

You can create a free account on Flyout and submit your blog to get sponsored posts.

  • It does not matter whether your blog is new or established.
  • Your blog will be approved regardless of traffic, alexa or any other matrices.

How to Verify Your blog for Flyout

There are three ways to verify your blog at Flyout platform. However, first method is preferred by me and also recommended by flyout self.

Method 1  – Meta Tag

Meta tag method is easy and recommended method to get approved. It is almost instant to get your blog approved by flyout by meta tag method.

You can copy the meta tag from flyout dashboard and paste in your website header section. Please note your meta tag must be included before open body tag.

Method 2 – HTML File Upload

However, Flyout recommends you to verify your website with meta tag method, however they have provided  alternate ways to verify your blog.

You can download HTML file and then upload it to your website to get verified.

Method – 3 DNS Method

Verify the ownership of your blog via DNS record.

Once you have verified ownership you will have to connect your Google Analytics.

How to Earn More by Flyout

However, it is easy to earn money by adding your blogs to flyout.

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These are tricks to get more earning opportunities.

1. Ask Less Money

No one restrict you to ask for any amount of money for a sponsored post on your blog through flyout.

But keep in mind there are hundreds of blogs those have listed for sponsored post on flyout.

If you do not set a reasonable price there are possibilities of not getting any opportunities.

2. Choose Appropriate Categories

Flyout ask you to select three best categories that describe your blog best. It is your responsibility to choose the best categories that fits to your blog.

3. Enable Instant Publish

Flyout allows bloggers to make money on autopilot.

They allow you to sit and see growing your earnings. You only need to get approved your blog and install instant publish WordPress plugin.

This plugin’s download link will be available in your Flyout dashboard.

4. Get Google Analytics

You should have Google Analytics verified for your blog. Flyout recommends you must have Google Analytics code on your blog. It is shown on their website that blogs with Google Analytics verification have 78% more earnings opportunities.

How will I get Sponsored Post for my blog

Once your blog gets approved by flyout, your blog will be available for advertisers.

Whenever any advertiser is interested to publish the sponsored post on your blog, you can see it as a new offer in your dash board.

These offers are seen under “New Offers” menu.

Flyout also sends  email if whenever any advertiser is interested in publishing content on your blog.

Note – You can see full article content before accepting the offer. You can accept or reject any new offer of sponsored post.

Note – Once you accept any offer, you should publish it with in the given time period.

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How Will I get paid by Flyout?

Flyout sends payments from 8th to 14th of every month of the earnings of previous complete month.

Depends upon your location you can set Payouts Transfer Preferences in payout section of your dashboard.

  1. Payments for Indian Publishers

Flyout process payments via Direct Bank Transfers for Indian publishers

  1. Payments for Publishers outside India

You can add your paypal id to receive payments if you are a publisher from outside India.

Why Do I Recommend Flyout

  • Flyout is easy.
  • It is free to join. ( Join Flyout )
  • You can see content before accepting any offer.
  • Your blog metrics like Domain Authority, Domain Score, Traffic Stats etc are no barrier.
  • Good earning opportunities for new bloggers.
  • Affiliate Program (You can recommend other bloggers and make money once they sign up with your affiliate link wow)

Create a Free Flyout account and make your blog a money making machine !!

This program is the first choice of all bloggers for making easy money from blogging.

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