There is no doubt over the fact that YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing platform. However, what is more, interesting is YouTube’s role as a full-fledged career option for the millennial generation. 

The monetization potential of YouTube content is widely known. Scores of YouTubers from across the world have utilized this potential to become millionaires. However, what forms the basis of success for any YouTube campaign is the single most important entity, called ‘subscriber count’. 

The number of subscribers on a YouTube channel directly impacts the money that one can make by putting out content on it. This is the very reason why every YouTuber wants to get free YouTube subscribers in large numbers. We delve deeper into this relationship between YouTube subscribers and monetization potential. However, let’s first look at how exactly monetization on YouTube works? 

How does YouTube monetization work?

The concept behind YouTube monetization is simple and straightforward. YouTube pays you for putting up video and banner advertisements in your video content that you post on its platform. However, there are certain criteria and prerequisites that need to be met, to be eligible for YouTube’s monetization program. This includes the essential criteria of accumulating a certain fixed number of watch hours on your channel. 

Further, what advertisements you can be placed in your content, and how much will you be paid for them also depends upon a number of factors. This is where the role of subscribers on your channel comes into play. 

The Relationship between Subscribers & YouTube Monetization

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To put it straight, YouTube’s math is simple. The more the subscribers on your channel, the more you can earn through the videos that you post on it. However, there is more to it. The number of subscribers is not all that matters. First and foremost, the subscribers on your channel should be real, and not fake. YouTube has a robust mechanism in place to identify the channels with fake subscribers and views, and penalize, or even ban them. So, when you get free YouTube subscribers, keep this thing in mind. 

Further, the geographical location of your subscribers, their age group, and preferences also play an important role in deciding whether, and how much you will be able to earn through it. 

How to get free YouTube subscribers?

Having understood the role of YouTube subscribers in the monetization of a YouTube channel, let us now address the elephant in the room – How exactly to get free YouTube subscribers.

One of the best ways to get free YouTube subscribers is to get them online. There are plenty of online forums and companies offering services. Do not worry, these subscribers are absolutely real, authentic, and reliable. 


If you want to monetize your YouTube channel and earn money through it, there’s no way you can ignore the role played by the subscriber count in it. Therefore, it is highly recommended getting free YouTube subscribers and give your YouTube journey a much-needed push. We wish you all the very best! 

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