If you are a blogger you must know there are millions of  blogs on the internet.

Is yours blog lost within the ocean of blogs ?

Is it s a white lightning among them?

It is also true that every blogger works hard to make his or her blog unique but in fact only few blogs win the heart of audience.

A blend of  consistent updates, passion for the content you create, and blog design and many more factors makes your blog stand out.

Before diving in, you need to recognize that building an excellent blog needs a personal touch,  time and energy.

Nice Blog Name and Logo

A good and easy to remember blog name is for most requirement for a blog to become brand. It is also required to have a good meaningful logo.

Create High Quality Content

The best course of action to make your journal stand out is to make high-quality content.

Avoid filler content that is filled with fluff.

Your posts ought to be well-researched answers to your audience problems.

Guarantee each post on an exact topic and  is has more information than your competition.

Have a Consistent and Clean Post Structure

Having attention-grabbing content isn’t enough to create your blog stand out.

You all blog posts must follow a single pattern. A clean post structure makes your post more elegant.

Ensure your headlines are click-worthy, attention-getting and relevant. You should fragment your post in subheadings.

Illustrate your points, cite sources and add quality pictures, graphs in your posts.

It will assist you get quality content and increase traffic.

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That way, users World Health Organization like your content can recognize once to come back for a lot of.

Post Daily if Possible

Most popular blogs have a high publish frequency. You must also have a regular posting schedule.

However, keep in mind  don’t sacrifice content quality. There are several apps and tools which will assist you schedule posts.

You’ll be able to conjointly use them to trace the performance of every post.

If you’re managing a team of guest bloggers or have a partner in content management, you’ll be able to use Edit Flow to work seamlessly.

Although I did place stress on content creation, having a visually appealing style and an unforgettable whole is simply as very important.

Keep Your Bounce Rate Low

You bounce rate represents the proportion of individuals those leave your website while not browsing it.

Your website’s bounce rate will solely worsen if your website isn’t visually appealing. Your articles must be long enough to retain visitor on your post more than 3 second.

You must inter link your blog posts, it will reduce bounce rate.

Use High Quality Images

It’s must you should use  high-quality, original pictures in your each blog post. Please make sure all your images are appealing, compressed and copy right free.

You can brand your pictures by using water mark.

However, never cluster your post with unnecessary and irrelevant images. A text that’s simple to browse can leave a way higher impression than a poor picture.

Use Keywords Intelligently

Keywords are the building blocks of a blog. Bloggers search keywords and write content based on those keywords.

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However, placing keyword in your content is an art.

Don’t use inexact and intensely widespread keywords. Never repeat same keywords multiple times.

You should use phrase related to your main keyword. There are free tools to assist for this work like  Google suggests and ubersuggest.

It will also help search engines to rank your web page for multiple keywords.

Relevant Meta Description

Meta’s description plays a key role while a person visit your website through search engine. It will help you stand out as a brand.

If you use WordPress, the Yoast SEO plugin permits you to easily implement meta descriptions.

Use your keywords and add power words in meta description to make sure a search engine visitor will give your web page preference over other web pages.

Build Quality Links

High quality Link building is a sign of good blog. You should interlink your own posts and write guest posts for various sites.

You should reach various sites to create backlinks. Your site’s will gain authority as you build relationships with others in your niche.

You will be able to produce a name for your blog by high quality guest posts to and from various bloggers in your niche.

Use Social Media for Branding

Your blogs profile must be on every social media platform.

You must be having active presence on at least two platforms Facebook and Twitter.

Also, your each post must be having buttons for share on the popular social media platforms.

Towards the ending of each post, there must be  2 or more sharing buttons.

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Social share counts are also a superb tool for creating social proof.

I hope these tips will help your blog to build a brand. If you want to share more tips for blog branding please comment below.


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