Starting a blog is easy but getting traffic is a hard nut to crack.

No matter how smart you’re at blogging , you always need traffic to become successful.

In this bog I will point out some ways that will increase your blog’s traffic multiple times or perhaps a lot of ins one-three months.

Write Content For Your Audience

You must Know who are Your audience.

You first identify your audience, select your niche and focus  on creating content in your niche. It will create and grow your audience base.

Always write content that your audience want to read. Keep in mind it’s continuously a lot of concerning them than it’s concerning you.

You can use Google Trends, Buzz sumo, or Twitter Trends to go looking for the newest news in your niche.

Encourage them to read what you’ve written by writing on trending topics.

If your content is inventive and interesting your content, it must be engaging to your readers.

You can also use  CoSchedule to find out popular headlines and the way these headlines perform in social shares, traffic and SEO.

Use Attractive Images and Formatting

A picture is louder than 1000 words.

Images are the soul of web.

There’s nothing a destroying than being fronted with a wall of text with no pictures.

A blog with subheadings and other readability elements like proper spaces, highlighting of important text, is a nice way to make sure your audience will stay on your blog.

Visuals attach perception, that helps to drive a lot of traffic to your blog.

They improve retention rate on your blog as well as among social media platforms.

Use platforms like Canva to assist you produce interactive visuals. You can create cool graphics for free with Canva.

Website Speed

A blog that takes too long to load can have most of its visitors leave with no activity or interaction with your content.

In general your readers expect it to open with in two seconds. If your blog is based on commerce, you will lose significant revenue due to slow loading of your website.

Blog should be Content centric

Your blog must be minimalistic and easy to read.

You must not have any unwanted or unnecessary plugins. There will be no cluster of images.  You must write lengthy content and text HTML ratio must be high.

Most bloggers make mistake to add multiple advertisements in a single web page. Remember it only distracts visitors, and they will eventually leave your blog.

Schedule Your Posts

Schedule your posts with an identical frequency to confirm your posts attract the eye of your audience. Regulate posting sessions and trace traffic metrics by analyzing content posting and times.

For new bloggers it is recommended to add at least two post in a week.

In your first few months you must concentrate on writing posts more than SEO of your blog.

Blog Comments and Networking

Encourage a lot of interaction by commenting on other blogs.

Increase your blog’s presence by connecting with different bloggers. Explore networking with them and begin commenting on their posts.

Email to blog owners and contribute to their blog as a guest writer.

Do  guest posts to drive a lot of traffic back to your blog. You will get organic traffic rand social media shares from those blogs.

Focus on Low Competition Keywords

In general the higher the keyword search volume, the sturdy the competition.

As your blog is new it will be almost impossible to target high competition keywords.

The best strategy is to use Ubersuggest to seek out the keyword or suggestions for long-tail keywords.

Such keywords generally have low search volume but you rank quicker and higher on long tail keywords.

It is very necessary to push your blog with low competition keywords.

Use Social Media

Social media is a powerful medium to bring huge traffic.

You can use free social media share plugins and make it easier for your readers to share your posts by providing varied social sharing choices below your posts.

Social media like Pinterest are very good option to get a lot of traffic to your web log if you use high quality images on your blog.

Please keep in mind all blogs are different,  some methods could or might not work for you, however why not try all of these methods to bring traffic.

You should try and test which method works best for you and focus on that particular method to bring traffic.

And if you’ve any further suggestions that I have not added, please share in comments below.

I am sure if you are writing  quality content you’ll drive a lot of traffic sooner or later.

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