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Do you have a blog!

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How !!

Here is the SECRET.

Our free services will help you to make money with the simplest earning method.

I make money from Guest Posting and I will help you too!

My self SharadKGupta, a well-known blogger.

If you do not believe your blog can make money, I give you trust your blog can make money too.

As a blogger for the first 6-8 months, I could not even make a single penny from my blog. But I keep my focus on Guest Posting . I made high quality backlinks to my blog without losing my hope.

I get good domain authority for my blog and now I make money from my blog with little or no efforts.

My Pro Tips for Guest Posting

I work hard and make my blog DA 15, I then started getting requests for guest posts on my blog. DA 15 is good to start asking money for a guest post.

I created a separate page where I invite people to submit a guest post on my blog. I named that page “Write for us / submit a guest post

I got requests from clients that they wish to publish guest posts on my blog. I decided to charge only $5 per post. It is really true I get clients on a regular base!

  • Once I get my blog DA 25, I raised the guest post fee to $10.
  • One of my blogs has DA 50, and I ask my clients to pay $25 for a single post.

Guest Posting is the best passive income source, you can easily earn $100 per month in the first year, $200 in next year and your income will increase as your blog get higher authority.

I am sharing this with you as I having something special for you guys.

This special idea is to make money from guest posting for free.

Without wasting your valuable time, Let me disclose How can I help you make money through guest posting.

I have 10+ years’ experience in the guest posting ,  digital marketing and SEO. I have a huge list of clients those are paying to me for guest post on my blog.

I have two way benefit from guest posting FREE of Cost Content for my blog and Money too !

Now, I am providing my free guest post service to bloggers.  I call my service DGT free guest post service.

What is DGT Free Guest Post Service?

DGT free guest post service is basically a simple Paid Guest Post service that helps bloggers to make money.

My free services are open to all bloggers from beginner to expert.

How does DGT free guest post service work?

I have a big list of reputed clients who are willing to pay for a guest post on blogs in all niches.

You need to add your blog in our DGT Free Guest Post Service list,  I will share a list of all blogs including your blog to my clients.

Process – It is a 5 step process.

  1. You need to register with our service. ( It is free for lifetime and one time process  !)
  2. Once your blog is selected via the client, you will get a guest post.
  3. You need to publish that post on your blog.
  4. After publishing the guest post you need to send a URL to me.
  5. Once the client will approve your URL,  I will send payment to you.

How You will get Paid

Once I will receive payment from the client, I will send payment to you immediately.

  • Payment will be sent via Paypal to international bloggers.
  • Indian bloggers can have payment through NEFT/IMPS. GPAY, BHIM, and PayTm.

How can you submit your blog to the DGT guest post service?

Blog owners need to fill this form with accurate details. ( A person who does not have authority to publish the post immediately can not fill this form)

Note –

  1. Only fill the form if you are the owner of a blog.
  2. You need to publish one sample post once on your blog if your blog is accepted by us.  (Sample Post will contain 500+ words and will only contain one backlink to our home page ) (Necessary step to complete registration)
  3. Fill all details correctly.
  4. You need to publish a sample and further posts within 24 hours.
  5. You must be open to receive calls, messages, and emails from us.
  6.  Facebook Id, Email and Contact number are a must.

Extra Tips –

  • Make sure to list your price to a minimum , you will get more opportunities.

Our services help new bloggers to get free content !!

  • If you have a new blog or have low DA you can earn free content to your blog, you can set your price to ZERO if you want absolutely free content to your blog.

You can contact us –

Email –

Whatsapp – 9368260027

Bloggers Questions on our Services?

Question -1

I have a blog and I want free content on my blog now, but can I make money from guest posting through your services later?

Similar Question – Once I register for free Guest Post service, will I be able to change it into the paid one in future

Thanks for asking the question , (Mr . Ketan Parab via Whatsapp )

Yes. In fact, you can opt for free and paid both at the same time. (There is an option in the form).

We first try to ask client for a paid guest post , but if client is not agree, opting for free guest post will simply give you free content opportunity.

Remember it is hard to create 100+ content on your own , but you can get high quality content for free if you are interested in free guest post on your blog.

Question – 2 

I am worried about the quality of content, Can I reject a post to publish on my blog?

Thanks for asking the question (MrKetan Prab via Whatsapp)


You must know, these services are run by SharadKGupta, a well known blogger who is an expert in guest posting.

Your blog is my blog, I always check first each and every post before sending to any blog.

Most Important – Your blog is your personal property, You have all the rights to reject or accept a post, but you have to inform us immediately (within 2-4 hours after you received the post )about your decision.

*You are welcome to ask any question, please send your question in the “Any comments or Suggestions” section in the form, your question will be posted in this post with an answer.

Key Points of our services

  • You have the liberty to opt for free guest posts and paid at the same time.
  • You can opt for minimum value for the guest post that is $1 or Rs 50.
  • You can also opt for free guest posts on your blog if content length is high.
  • Blog owner has right to reject or accept a post.

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