The Revenue Act of 1864 that all cigars were needed to be covered in boxes, and in 1865, President Lincoln passed a law that required they be wrapped and covered in bundles of 25, 50, 100, or 250. Shortly afterward, cigars became inexpensive and more available, and many of the boxes that they came in are considered collectible products today.

Although most of the cigar boxes were made of wood, examples can be found in various other materials, such as glass, plastic, aluminum, brass, tin, and china. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from intricately sculpting and decorated wooden chests to cardboard boxes with bold, attention-grabbing blurbing text.

The most ordinary type of cigar boxes is known as “Nailed Wood” some collectors shorten this to simply “NW”, which is created of six pieces of wood nailed together, most often permitting room for 50 cigars.

Novelty Cigar Boxes:

Novelty cigar boxes are also highly collectible, and some were manufactured in such a way that they had other uses after being unpacked—for example, during the Depression, companies provided cigar boxes that could later be utilized as jewelry boxes. Others were created into tramp art by local carvers. Cigar boxes were sometimes manufactured in fun shapes to grab the attention of potential customers. These include cigar boxes in the shape of log cabins, cars and buses, bottles, books, and trunks, etc.

Distinctive Style Boxes:

Some boxes are made very plain, others are very glamourous our eyes are drawn to them, and our mind is drawn to form a design about the quality of the premium cigars inside. Contrarily, if you’re getting a luxury-class cigar, there is an expectation that the packaging lives up to the brand reputation. But though they’re equal parts storage unit and marketing strategy, cigar boxes have a fascinating history all their own.

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Whether it’s because of their practicality, utility, or our general hoarding mentality, cigar boxes also be prone to live on long after the smokes inside are gone. While it’s right many get busted up and thrown away, it’s not unusual for us smoker types to repurpose them into Spanish cedar junk drawers that hold everything from spare inexpensive cigar cutters, matches and smoking accessories, to screws, paper clips and whatever other crap that’s scattered across your workbench or desk. Boxes of all categories can be, and have been, upcycled countless ways – from furniture to musical instruments – but beyond the mains, there are a few things we bet you didn’t know that was quirky to cigar boxes, and what makes them shine.

Not all boxes are made equally, of course – or even by the cigar makers whose handmade are inside. For instance: such cigars are packaged in a house-made supply of boxes, as cigar box factory on the premises. The box can be a part of the artful process, carefully crafted under the watchful eye – just like a professional business. So even though it’s the mouthful things inside the box that capture the attention, shift gears and take heed of the box itself.




It’s the best way to get a deal – buying cigar boxes fully customized according to your desired business! Cigar boxes are manufactured from time to time in attractive shapes for gaining the attention of potential customers. These custom cigar boxes are in the shape of front open tuck boxes. Many packaging and printing companies have a great variety of assorted modern and rare alluring cigar boxes. Many service providers offer a variety of some of the finest designed cigar boxes.

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Companies produced thousands of custom boxes in bulk according to the customer’s needs. They offer their valued customers amazing discounts and deals on bulk orders of cigar boxes so that will surely let them save even more. The customer’s eyes will be pinched to the marvelously made custom cigar boxes so that they want to try. These cigar boxes will make sure that the buyer’s mind is drawn to form an idea about the quality of the superior cigars inside the custom cigar boxes.

On the other hand, if you’re buying an opulence cigar, there is a prospect that the packaging lives up to the brand until it goes into the hand of the end-user. It’s a great gift or starter kit, consist of three of the unusual poly cigar boxes. Order your custom cigar boxes from a well-reputed and committed the company to get noticed your brand in the crowd of other cigar brands. Let them know your concerns and they will create high-quality cigar boxes for your products that ultimately helps to increase sales volumes.

Importance of packaging

Any kind of boxes made for different products provides shape, support, care, security, and protection. It is important for the brand’s owner to select a packaging company after satisfying itself. They make products and invest in huge amounts of products. So the boxes and outer presentation of the products can’t be avoided just for the sake of a few amounts.

The packaging and printing of any product play a vital role in any business. Customers get attracted just after reviewing the outer packaging. It can be imprinted and the details of brands can be placed on it as per the detailed instructions. The logo of any brand leave an impact on customers’ mind, the first thing the customer sees is the packaging that can’t be ignored in any case.  As cigar is sensitive in nature they need a protective outer covering that can save them from humidity and dust. They can be destroyed easily thus they are perishable in nature.

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Cigar boxes can be made on customer choices and concerns easily. Whatever the demand for printing and packaging is, can be fulfilled easily as there are many new trends and fashion for such products. You can later use these boxes for different purposes. These can be made on an environmentally friendly concept. Give protection and best appearance to your cigars with the best packaging services.

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