Blogging is very common nowadays and many new blogs are launched, but most of them are closed after their first year.

Today we will focus on the reasons why a blogger can fail on his blog and why he or she should stop. I have chosen a very well-known blogging niche because I will be interested in writing about things I know. Many new bloggers are asking me what will replace blogging and whether people will continue to read blogs in 2020.

What it means to fail is how many bloggers stop blogging after a few months and why.

Blogging can be done in two ways, first is for passion and the second is to make money with the blog.

If you want a successful blog, you have to treat it as a hobby or side project, and you will go through the mindset and habits.

If you can join the long list of blogging success stories, you will understand what it takes to become a successful blogger.

Do Not Invest Enough Time

If someone starts a blog just to write passionately and is no longer able to give time to his blog, then he is prone to fail in blogging.

The reasons why bloggers fail why is really a matter of passion alone.

No Proper Plan

If a blogger doesn’t have time or has built blogs just to make money without planning properly, or if he or she doesn’t want to invest time for his or her blog, it is certain a dead end. One thing led me to start a blog: it is one of the most important things in my life and also a very important part of my work.

Stale Content

Once you start blogging, it’s easy to forget that blogging isn’t just about getting new visitors to the blog. It is to maintain and keep visitors for a long time.

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One of the biggest advantages of blogging is that it helps you constantly develop new content that you can share. But if you do not create fresh content regularly you will sure fail.

Not Maintaining Subscribers List

Every time you post a new blog post, your subscribers will give you a first surge in traffic, which will accelerate the long-term success of your post. So if you do not have a subscribers list it is also a reason of failure in blogging. As your subscriber grows, you will start to get more and more traffic to your blog posts, as well as more subscribers to the blog.

Poor Quality Content

You need to provide your readers with high quality content on your blog, otherwise blogging will fail you.

I have already mentioned that blogging is about sharing information and that you should only share information if you have sufficient knowledge.

No Marketing

Successful bloggers earn enough and make their blogs popular with people.

If you do not market your blog, it will be prone to fail. It is true that you can market your blog for free. You can share your blog posts on social media and social book marking sites. You can send your new blog’s  link through emails.

Writing for Search Engines only

The first thing you should do is write informative and useful content for your readers and always give them priority than writing content for search engine.

Not having Enough Patience

If you start your blog just with the aim of making money and getting quick results, it won’t work. Blogging needs patience.

It takes at least 1 year to get good traffic and revenue from your blog, and almost all new bloggers will wait for 2-3 months and leave it.

Do not Know sources of Traffic and Income

Most bloggers fail to find out what and where the traffic or revenue from their blog will be.

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Not Having Patience

If you want success in blogging, patience is essential and most important, and if you dedicate yourself to your work, money will automatically follow.

If you start your blog with the income that is your first and only priority, you should be ready to give up blogging in the first few months.

Black Hat SEO

I  have seen many bloggers using Black Hat SEO techniques and posting copied content on their blogs to make money, and they only continued for a short period of time, but they soon realized that blogging was not their thing and eventually quit.

No Passion

It can be said that passion in blogging just plain kills it as long as the passion is missing, your blog is doomed to fail.

Reason why bloggers fail why can be summed up in two words are passion and planning.

A lack of interest is one of the most prominent reasons why bloggers fail and I will explain more below.

Bloggers who have no passion for their chosen to topic will fail by default. Why?

Because they lack passion and have no interest in the topic that they are blogging about.The blogging world is so competitive that you really need to want to succeed if you want to make it big.

Love is just one of the reasons why bloggers fail.  Another reason why bloggers fail is because the passion they have for their blog is in direct proportion to their traffic.

No Visitors

The reason why bloggers fail is that they never have enough visitors to their blogs. If you don’t attract them and keep them entertained, you can forget about making money blogging.

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But once you have enough visitors to your blog, you can begin to look into how to use those visitors to make your blog money generating.

In this article I will outline a couple of ways to maximize your blog traffic and get more people reading your blog.

No Blog Community or Network

A commenting community is the place where you can post your comments and share information with your readers.

You must create a community where you can post your comments and share information with your readers and fellow bloggers. This allows readers to feel part of the conversation and also helps to prevent the overly casual community from developing.

This is the place where your visitors will come to and feel part of the community. The best part about this is that if you build a community and maintain it well, you will find out that people you do not know will start reading your blog. This is because people want to be included in the conversations.

The most common reason is that the blogger does not succeed in running a successful blog, and the answer is not easy because every failed blog has different reasons, so it is a bit difficult to know the exact reasons.

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