Everyone wants to get rich & wealthy. But Goddess Lakshmi does not shower her blessings on each one of us.  Every human being on this earth gets fruits according to their Karma. Most important things in life are fulfillment of desires and ambitions.

Wealth and money can do it to a great extent. But does everyone become Bill Gates or Mukesh Ambani. Obvious answer is NO. What difference it takes apart from hard work to become those eminent personalities.

It’s the sheer luck in your horoscope that marks the difference. It’s the set of planetary combinations that make rich richer and poor poorer and sometimes rich becomes poor and poor becomes rich.

Let’s examine those critical factors in horoscope that govern the wealth in the native’s life.

Planetary Placement in Chart to become Rich

The 2nd House in the chart is considered to be the house of wealth. It’s the 2nd house that provides financial security and stability.

A person makes money by Karma, his deeds.  11th house is the house that indicates the person’s ability to make money. 2nd, 6th and 10th house are the materialistic houses, and they deal with money, income, career and finances.

If the lord of the 2nd house is sitting in a positive house for money, 2nd, 6th, 10th, and 11th, then it means that the person has the ability to accumulate money in the long term.

Money and happiness are two different aspects. A person can be happy with less money and on the contrary a person who is rich is not happy. It depends on the 11th house. House of benefits and accomplishments.

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The 11th house lord when sits in 2nd, 6th and 10th houses or the lords of these houses sit in the 11th house, tend to make a person wealthier. 2nd house is amassed wealth which shows how much wealthy you will be.

Richness is not just making money but it is the ability to achieve and store it and a robust 2nd house confirms you will become affluent. The houses which make you win in business or competitions are 6th and 11th houses.

It’s the role of the 10th house to gain popularity but money making can be done with a strong 2nd and 11th house.  In order to make predictions about a person getting rich or wealthy all 9 planets need to be analyzed and then those planets which relate to 2nd, 6th , 10th and 11th houses need to be noted. Mahadasha and antardasha of the beneficial planets is calculated and then the reading is made.

Tips to become Rich as horoscope

 Rajyog in Kundli – Raj Yogas are certain planetary combinations in your horoscope that makes you rich and wealthy in every aspect of life. With the construction of Raj Yogas in horoscopes one’s life becomes beautiful and harmonious.

People having these yogas get everything that they try for and desire.  Do you have change to become Rich in this life, check your Rajyog in kundali.  Let’s talk about these Rajyogas in details:

  • Mahalakshmi Yoga

The person that has this yoga does not have any lack of wealth and luxury in life. He gains all benefits and accomplishments in life. This yoga forms in the horoscope when the lord of the 2nd house, the house of wealth, Jupiter sits in the 11th house and looks at the 2nd house.

  • Saraswati Yoga
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This yoga is formed when Venus, Mercury and Jupiter sit in one house or are sitting in Kendra and relating to each other. The people having these yogas are blessed highly by Devi Saraswati. They make their names in the fields of Art, Cinema, Dance and music. They become popular without lack of money and live a peaceful life.

  • Nrap Yoga

This yoga is formed when three or more than three planets are placed high in the horoscope. With this yoga native lives the life like a king, He does not have any lack of luxuries and materialistic wealth in his life.

  • Amla Yoga

This yoga is formed when any auspicious planet is placed at the 10th position from the moon in the horoscope. These people live life king-size with full of comfort. They set an example for others in their lives. They get a lot of name, fame and wealth.

  • Gajkesari Yoga

This yoga is formed when Jupiter and Moon are very strongly placed in the horoscope. Either Jupiter or the moon is together or Jupiter is placed in Kendra houses 1, 4, 7, and 10 from the moon. With this yoga a person gets health, wealth, fame and a high position in the society.

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Although it’s said that money cannot buy happiness but except it everything. It’s very important in life. Everything becomes possible with money and you feel confident when you have money. Horoscopes can tell you when your luck shines and you will become wealthier.

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