Most of the bloggers, online writers, and others as well must have been already aware by Google’s recent updates.

On 22nd January, Google, in its omniscience, declared a shocking announcement.

The update suggests that spot zero will no longer play a part in the SERPs.

This statement means that the URL will be no longer available in both the featured snippet as well as on the front page of Google. It would no further feature in the SERP, and indeed from now, the featured snippet will only be the actual spot-one position.

As a result, these updates will have a long term and immediate effects for SEOs.

And consecutively, it will have a significant impact on changing the search optimization world.

30 days isn’t enough for finding out all the answers

Although 30 days might be enough to diverge the trend, it is not enough to find all of the solutions.

This statement can be explained as that a single month can never be enough to bring a sudden change in the previous, ongoing trend.

One cannot even find out all their required answers or suggestions related to such problems in such a short span of time.

In such cases, all the SEO users, especially the bosses and clients, want to know how such a decision can affect the business and how can it be solved.

In similar situations like this, SEOs responses are limited to mainly two critical questions. Firstly, what one can see in their accounts?

And, secondly, what others are reporting online?. You can contact an SEO company for more details.

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The only thing that SEOs can do now is that they can try to gain top spots only by sharing the trends which they can see with each other.

One can only see the entire picture when they will be able to know each other’s data and theories.

Without doing this, all the users will be solely left to see what’s right in front of them only.

An official tweet from Dr Pete’s post, reads as follows:-

“Anecdotal reports that Featured Snippets have had their regular organic results pushed back to the top of page 2. Can confirm case-by-case, but will dig in deeper.”

So, at 97th Floor, we will briefly discuss how to move on, post-spot-zero world update.

Further, we will also look into the 3,000 before-and-after examples approx featured snippets, since 22nd January.

They are as follows:-

The data and methodology

Firstly, we will look into two primary tools that are used here, i.e. The Google Search Console and STAT.

Google Analytics has more traffic data than GSC, so we have limited options in checking the traffic driven, which is restricted by page-wide traffic.

Hence, on specific pages, GSC is used to find out the CTR of specific keywords. The STATs reports suggest that all of the keywords analyzed had over 5,000 global monthly searches.

Our findings

To uncover the whole mystery related to the demotion of spot-zero, we present our results here.

  1. At first, it is discovered that long time snippet users who were among the top, are now seeing their CTR and traffic dropping. Statistics show that the keyword has a difficulty rate of 58 among 74,000 global search volumes.
  2. The first snippet reduces in the case of the second snippet. This means that when there are two results of both featured snippets, the second one gets more clicks than the first one. As per the reports, after the introduction of the second snippet, spot one loses 50% of its CTR. This change hampers the clients as it was noted that there was a respectable drop-down percentage from 9.2% to a crippling 2.9%.
  3. Easy come as well as easy go situations arise when the URLs lose their snippet to other URLs. At other times, Google removes the snippet entirely for bringing it back the next day. In this case, the SERP receives significant traffic. One should always note that earning the snippet doesn’t mean that CTRs will improve much beyond the below fold position.
  4. STAT clearly showed that this keyword has remained relatively consistent in which the CTR improved and ranged around 3% to 3.7% since Google’s announcement. But, there are also sites where CTR are bumping below the folds.
  5. “People Also Ask” aka PAA boxes are just another option that can lead users down a path where they can get information about others URL. The PAA box present over every single SERP drops the CTR of the snippet and the standard results as well. PAA box not appearing below the featured snippet is considered a negative effect as the PAA lowers the SERP. Thus, ranking below the folded page is better than getting into the PAA box (in terms of clicks).
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So, what’s the final takeaway?

The final answer is that now clickability matters more than it ever has. You must know that your SERPs matters the most currently.

SEO is no more limited to keywords put in a title and the links of the page. Instead of page optimizations, the SERP can prove to have a more direct effect on your clicks.

We need to learn, share, and understand SEO more to keep SEO in our control. It’s all about transparency that makes the world of the internet a better place for all.

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