Over these years, Gaming has changed a lot from bedroom hobby to a boardroom entity. The gaming industry has widened its wings to fly beyond the usual platforms. From PCs to mobile devices, gamers have adapted to every possible option encouraging countless developers to enact strategies to overrun regular methods of inclusiveness into the market.

A new generation of gaming giants have outcasted priorities among gamers and have added stacks of surprises to keep their customers entertained even in these times during pandemic.

Social media and eCommerce honcho’s like Facebook, Amazon, Google, etc. have shown ardent response in the gaming industry and have strategically pushed themselves as ‘gamers’ with the likelihood of crashing into the industry shares.

Stats reports around 2.5 billion actual and partial gamers put their hands on their devices every day leaving everything to the virtual space. Thus, creating an ample scope for investors to grab an opportunity to strategically market their allied products and services.

With a huge number of people embracing gaming on different platforms and even actuating it from different providers, gaming giants have to present their propositions in-front of their audience to persuade. So, the marketing has been a real challenge that puzzled industry players to portray their offerings to beat the next.

The secrets of marketing in the gaming industry are definitely a struggle but, if strategies are well executed it tends to unfold some interesting cracks to place your efforts to maximize your brand visibility. 

Influencers as Perfect Media Agents in Marketing Games

Influencer marketing is no secret to the gaming industry and still, it’s the most powerful medium to show its prowess to reach a wider audience.

Major gaming brands always look for orthodox partnership channels (Social Media Influencers) to let their product into people’s minds.

Influencers choose broader social media channels to merchandise products with subtle approaches.

Live streaming platforms such as YouTube, Instagram are superlative choices for the influencers to attract audiences and maneuver members to adhere to their consoles. With fierce competition among influences, strategy makers implement innovative ideas to pierce into the audience’s mindset and win the battle for supremacy.

With deliberate findings of influencing prospective audiences, game developers along with influencers present an abundance of marketing opportunities.

Winning the Battle of Supremacy

Research says (in the year 2018-2019), 80% of top influencers were not involved in presenting top games before their audience. The reason you need to conquer is not to foist creative control over the influencers so that they aren’t able to do it their way.

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“Influencers are not just Billboards”

Dictating influencers rather than collaborating hassles the creative prelude for the campaign that influencers use as their promotional tool.

Audiences get attracted to their way of mingling and presenting the games. They know how and when to open their cards relishing on a better output for them as well as for the developers. Marketing indeed is a tough job but when you get a crack in the hole, it becomes priceless.

Influencers are creative people and they are admired for their job. So, it really becomes important to take cognizance of their ideas and concept to ensure a derived output from their creative outlook.

Insides’ of Gaming Industry Marketing Strategy

Forbes says it would be a 300 billion-dollar megamarket by 2025.

This stand-alone sector will be an investors paradise where market placements and segmentation will be a tough job to do. Innovators, planners, and marketers with supreme expertise will lend their strategies to invade each console and even smartphones of gamers.

Despite the huge market size, marketers feel peer pressure while executing plans and equate revenues as expected.

Leveling in market shares requires stringent marketing actions, approvals, and acceptance.

During the process to launch games into the market, it requires a stronger push from influencers, top gamers, social media plans, and definitely fewer bugs. Lack of innovations in new releases declines interest that results in losses.

Creating Game-Specific Marketing Content

Understanding gaming equations which relate games and its admirers is not that easy, expectations and interest keep on changing with time.

But developers and its marketers prepare specific content such as deeper gaming tips, inside product information, etc. for players for better interaction with the games.

Otherwise, game developers let their users interact with each other on a community platform featuring options such as multi-player collaborations, discuss strategy guides or look for new features that lead to an evenly placed marketing strategy.

Influencing people’s experiences from good to better and increasing brand stability helps marketers equalize on brand engagement and revenue generation as a part of marketing strategy.

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Marketers always look to foster relationships or a sense of community among their social connections. As a human tendency, they look for brand loving people.

But in the gaming industry, brand love is seemingly temporary. People love brand or games that stays atop with exciting trending abilities, relative content, and inclusive thoughts to stay better with time. Every act from fostering content to living those trends by gaming lovers is a part of the strategy that marketers incorporate to stand-out acclaimed in the industry.

 Breaking Stereotypes

Male Chauvinism cannot be underrated in the gaming industry. Women gamers are considered minority even by the publishers or developers. ESA sports reported having around 48% of women gamers in the industry, thus breaking stereotypes in the minds of people and in the business arena.

When Lara Croft appeared on the PlayStation as a powerful female protagonist, the gaming industry saw a change, and this demography is admired beyond sexism.

Marketers’ apprehend this as a paradigm shift and companies now, are interested in partnerships with these gen-ex group as a marketing opportunity to conquer the gaming community.

Women gamers mostly vote for non-gendered demography that segregates themselves from any competition with men.

But still, they are able to attract a diversified group of the audience which help publishers market products not based on sexism but on interest and dexterity.

Inclusive minded marketing that features gaming for everyone is a true secret to broadening marketing strategies.

Women gamers are a thriving community and a widely attributable segment in the industry that encourages investment and interest at the same time. With the rise in mobile gaming, more than 60% of girl gamers use smartphones to their versatility.

Wide acceptance of tech among cross-genre, attracts involvement as well as progression in gaming. Gaming is an artform and gamers are the artists.

Time has come for us to understand artistry is beyond any discrimination and stereotypes thus opening sublime opportunities for marketers to unite strategies and broadcast magnified ideas to reach more and more audiences.

Cloud-Based Gaming & An unseparated Audience

Technology and social media pioneers such as Amazon, Apple, Google, or Facebook today are more interested in acquiring people’s online existence. From an interactive tool to expressive agents, they are now leaders in providing gaming publishers the space to operate.

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The tech giants’ marketing strategy is synonymous with adding huge audiences to explore the excitement of a common platform for gaming and socialize.

Ecommerce giant, Amazon acquired Twitch in 2014 for a 970 million dollar worth with a clear intent of world domination. Several other examples are out here as Microsoft’s Xbox was expected to launch in 2020 with its own market invasion strategy.

Cloud gaming or streaming live is a trending form of promotions that has captured imaginations of influencers with a booming revenue model to cherish.

Considerate change from Consoles to Smartphones is Future

With a whooping revenue generation only from mobile gaming, the smaller devices are the secret cards to open. Mobile gaming makes up more than 50% of world gaming which is approximately 29.6 billion dollars in 2019’s first half.

Gamers being more influenced over ads, more clicks help to receive more credits for marketers. Publishers prior to marketing place content and mobile-friendly visuals, advertise on apps stores aligning ads with games in your niche.  

Video Marketing as a Strategy

Visuals create memories that stay longer in mind and perhaps is the most effective weapon to penetrate minds. Visual marketers understand the outcome of sharing life experiences or walkthroughs of gaming.

Video marketing statistics:

  • 76% of professional marketers and publishers report positive results from videos only
  • 90% of mobile video consumers share videos with others
  • 46% of marketers add to plan Facebook or YouTube videos to their content strategy
  • 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision making process
  • 80% of online viewers recall a video they viewed in the past 30 days’ time
  • 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before purchasing online
  • 42% of people want to see more video content from marketers

“Playable ads are also a creative strategy that creates a need among gamers to engage. “

Conclusion: Inclusivity being the KEY

Every sound looking gaming marketing strategy loosens its grip with time.  Every game has its own nuances and implications that lands marketers in a new job again to re-plan and re-implement.

Inclusivity allows a welcoming world to foster with great trust and attention. The secrets of marketing are wide open still, it has countless paradigms that influence the gaming industry. Keep playing to know it better.

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