When you know you are expecting a baby, the search for the name of the girl or boy, you are waiting for begins, among many other things.

Once the sex is known, we return to that search because, sometimes, the chosen name does not seem original to us, suddenly it no longer hits us with the baby, or we continue to doubt whether a name or another for the girl inspired by family tradition.

It fits our style or if, on the contrary, we prefer a more alternative or different girl’s name.

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For a long time, choosing a girl’s name was a task shared by parents, godparents, and often the pastor.

Usually, the name was selected from two premises: the ancestors of the family and the saints, which is why many times the newborn was given the name of one of the saints of the day he was born because it was trusted that this figure would act as the baby’s guardian angel.

Today this has changed and, currently, other questions arise such as originality, the meaning of the name or its sound, due to this we have seen the arrival of Anglo-Saxon, flower or animal names and, also, short versions of traditional names like Leo de Leonor or Lola who comes from Dolores.

To choose the name for the baby, it is essential, of course, that you like it, but you also have to take into account other issues such as discord.

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How does the baby’s name sound when you pronounce it?

Can it be pronounced well in the language of the country where you live?

Is it harmonious? Is the last name doing well?

Also, pay attention to the rhymes it can inspire, as well as nicknames, to avoid silly or heavy jokes in the future.

Another factor to take into account when choosing the name for the girl is if we prefer a unique name, which will make the person who wears it stand out among the others, or if instead, we prefer a name with family inheritance or that comes from Antiquity.

Ancient names collect a rich cultural, spiritual, symbolic and historical tradition, which is something very positive, on the other hand, the right part of a unique or original name is the peculiarity of not finding many people who call themselves the same way.

Since we know that deciding what girl’s name we want for the future baby is a complicated task, we offer you a list of the names that we think will be a trend this year, some more classic and others that are out of the traditional.


Amaya is very popular in the Basque Country for the character of the knight Teodosio de Goñi. “Amaya or the Basques in the 7th century” is the title of a novel by Francisco Navarro Villoslada (1877) that tells the story of Vasconia at the beginning of the Reconquest.


Lucia, a girl’s name of Latin origin “lux”, its meaning is “She who bears the light” or “She who is born of the light”, referring to the girls who are born at dawn.



This name’s meaning is closely related to health since it means “vigorous” or courageous.

On February 14, Valentine’s Day (related to Valentine’s Day) is popularly celebrated in the United States and its countries of influence in Latin America. For reasons not well established.

Valentine is the patron saint of lovers. However, it is suspected that his patronage is due to the coincidence of the date of his party with that of a pagan festival of fertility and love.

The feminine name Valentina is due to the presence of several saints with this name in the Christian name day.


Emma, ​​a girl’s name of Germanic origin, means “Great”, “Strong”, “Immense”, “Mighty”.


Claudia, a girl’s name of Latin origin “Claudius”, which means “She who limps” or “She who walks with difficulty.”


Carla is a trendy name in Spain, being in the ranking of most used names during the past year.

The name Carla is “The strong woman”, a name that takes its origin from the German “Karl” and is the feminine form of the name Carlos.

So, these were some of the best Spanish girl child names.

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