There are certain tricks secrets tips for online interview that every job seeker should know.

The  trick is to present yourself as a professional: while it may seem obvious, many job seekers get nervous when they start talking about the details of their past jobs.

A professional manner is a must, as this will make you seem like the best candidate for the job.

Avoid fumbling over your words, taking long pauses and talking too much.

The interview is not a contest and neither is the evaluation.

Be aware of the topics that will be asked in the interview.

Be aware of the questions that may come up in order to know what questions the interviewer may ask and avoid discussing these things in the interview.

Remember that the interview will not be a one-sided conversation, so avoid asking questions that will make the interviewer take another look at the job offer.

Remember that the interviewer does not want to be pressured or seen as a fool.

If you get invited to an interview, do not expect to be immediately hired.

You should be prepared by writing down the questions that you should ask, preparing a resume and hiring a personal assistant to help you with your preparation.

Writing down your notes is also a great way to avoid forgetting the important details.

Make sure that you present yourself professionally and avoid looking nervous. Showing a professional face and using “your” voice at all times will be appreciated by the interviewer.

Last but not least, be prepared to be open to suggestions: while the interviewer may be highly skeptical of your application, chances are that you will receive a few job offers.


If you feel comfortable with the answers, don’t hesitate to give them.

Before you begin the interview, be sure to plan ahead and make sure that you are not rushing into the interview.

Make sure you have a solid and stable video platform on which to conduct your online interviews.

Communicate with your candidate via email, social media, phone or other forms of communication (email, text, etc.).

For online coding conversations, make sure you have the right collaboration tools to enable engineers to effectively present technological challenges and scenarios on whiteboards.

If your company conducts many online interviews, take the time to develop a few resources to prepare your candidate for the platform.

One of the most important tips is to prepare the interviewer for how the candidate feels by outlining the interview process, including an appropriate interview time frame (the length of a video interview is typically shorter than the personal one).

A short video explaining the process can ensure that the candidate receives all relevant information and shares it with the interviewers as quickly as possible.

It may be helpful for an interviewee to get the list of frequently asked questions before the online interview.

The direct view of the video camera is the only way to maintain direct eye contact with the interviewer.

If noise is inevitable, choose the quietest place for an interview without an elaborate backdrop.

If you keep the noise to a minimum, you show that you are taking the interviews seriously.

Many video interview platforms allow you to do some tests to get started, such as a video interview with your employer or a live interview on your own.

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Try to be as natural and warm as possible and check that your equipment is working.

Look directly into the camera and see what the background looks like from behind.

Make sure you look directly at it and that it is not too close to your face.

This way you remember that you are talking to a real person and it can help you feel more relaxed, and that way you don’t have to think about it.

More and more employers are using online interviews as their first screening tool, so be aware that you may not always know which platform your virtual interview will use.

You may not have much time to practice with these tools before the interview, but you need to test them with the right tools.

Here, preparation and practice allow you to present yourself correctly not only to the interviewer, but also to your employer and the audience.

Preparing for an interview is especially useful before setting yourself up, so make sure you have your answer ready.

If your interview is conducted from the comfort of your home, make sure you close any other apps or windows on your computer that might interrupt the conversation or slow.

If you doubt what to wear, by default, use a video interview that is live or recorded, as you would do if it were a personal interview.

It can feel a bit weird when you put on a suit for an interview you do at home. For video interviews, dress as much as you can for the interview, if only for a few minutes.

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