Growing a new blog is not any straightforward deed. Once you’ve created the perfect website and a content calendar for your blogs, you need to plan to grow your audience and get even more blog readers.

In order to attract subscribers, your blog needs to make relevant offers to your target audience, and your email newsletters and content calendar help.

It is true content is actually crucial, but creating content does not make your life.

Bloggers get trapped within the task of writing massive content but have no readers.

A blog with no visitor is in fact an unsuccessful blog.

There are many essential factors that contribute to the success of a blog other than content.

A very vital factor is having blog subscribers.

These subscribers are notified once you publish content. These subscribers then visit every new blog post once they get notification about it.

Not solely they visit your blog, they share your content with others, that helps to grow your audience exponentially.

The more loyal readers you have got, the more successful your blog is going to be.

If you’re not putting a lot of calories into expanding your blog’s subscriber base, consider some of the easiest ways to attract more regular customers to the blog.

First, don’t make it too difficult for visitors to your blogs to figure out how to opt in.

The fact is, if you can get them to sign up for a blog, your top funnel will be wider and you will have more people on your site

If your blog entry contains a “Subscribe Now” link, be sure to include a link to direct your readers to a specific landing page where they can subscribe to the blog.

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To continuously attract more subscribers, include a call-to-action button to entice them to land on your site, like YouTube subscribers.

You can also download a template that tracks your blog’s subscriber growth and engagement.

The core value of a newsletter is embedding content that is relevant to your business, not just the content of your blog.

One surefire way to get your audience to actually read your content is to increase the size of your email list.

The concept of a content upgrade is simple: Offer your audience an updated version of your content in exchange for their email address or offer them an upgrade.

Every time you post a new blog entry, you send an email informing your list about it and linking to it in your blog posts.

In this post, I will share tested ways to get  subscribers to your blog.

Publish Content Regular

The quickest way to lose subscribers is to publish content inconsistently.

If you publish 5 articles in one week then nothing for a month, you’ll frustrate your readers.

Visitors need fresh content each time they visit your blog.

Publishing regular content retains your old subscribers as well as make  new subscribers.

Share Content on Social Media

Social proof is an efficient way to gain blog subscribers. Each time you publish a new blog post do not forget to share it on various social media platforms.

Highlighting the numbers of subscribers yours blog already have, is a good way to get new subscribers. 

The process of subscribing to a blog ought to be as straightforward. You can use social media widgets on your blog. Many good social media widgets are available for free.

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Your subscription form must on prompt.  When readers need to hunt for subscriptions forms, they’re unlikely at hand over their details.

For this reason, you ought to show calls to action, like subscription buttons, on your website at the most prominent places like at header or in side bar.

Conducting user analysis, like A/B testing, can assist you to see what color, shape, and expression is best for your subscription button.

Subscription button should be son each page of your website.

Offer Free E-Books in Exchange for Blog Subscription

Offering e-book in exchange for subscription is the best strategy to get more subscribers. Almost all popular bloggers use e-book strategy to grow their blog’s subscribers base.

Although quality content is the main reason behind blog subscription giving a tiny low bribe won’t do any hurt.

One of the best ways to attract more subscribers is to offer them something for free when they subscribe.

Resolve Queries

Think about the issues that your readers have and write blog posts for tactics to resolve them. You may write informative e-book on common issues.

If readers find your blog a real problem solving space then they will subscribe your blog.

Have an Eye-catching Landing Page

Having a fanatical landing page is useful  asking readers to become your subscribers.

Visitors have to be compelled to understand why to subscribe, that is that the purpose of this page.

On your landing page they’ll learn the advantages of subscribing, the kind of content they’ll receive, and also the frequency of that content.

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This page doesn’t need to be difficult, however it should have a persuasive argument.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is very popular in blogging. It has many advantages like bringing visitors, increasing DA  and creating your network.

Guest blogging is wherever a blogger writes for a 3rd party website.

While this might appear to be a waste of your time, it will be effective in boosting website traffic and subscribers.

If you write for a bigger competitive blog, you get to share your content with a way larger audience. This  will attract new visitors, and subscribers.

However, before you begin guest blogging, you need to list of blogs in your niche and speak to every one by email together with your pitch.

When you inquire into blogs, you open yourself up to putting together relationships.

Participate in Blog Communities

Participating in blog communities can facilitate to urge your name out there and spark the curiosity of alternative readers. More visitors of blog communities will lend to your blog and off course they will be prone to subscribe your blog.

I hope these tips will help you to bring more subscribers to your blog. If you know any other tactics to bring subscribers, please share it in the comment box below.

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  1. Hey SharadKGupta ,

    Excellent post with effective tips to get more subscribers. It is my first time commenting on your blog post and i must say that you have done a fabulous work and suggested helpful tips to increase subscribers.

    Gaining more subscribers and engaging more readers is not an easy task, as it needs a good strategy, ideas, knowledge and skills. Having more blog subscribers is one of a crucial factor to generate more traffic, engage more people and also to improve seo ranking.

    Publish content on regular basic is truly vital, As we know that consistency is a great key and readers always want to see fresh content that is of high quality and absolutely an informative piece for them so that they could gain ideas and knowledge, hence it is important to publish the content consistently, so that the readers and subscribers could stay updated. Social media platforms really works really great if used correctly and in a proper way. Sharing content on social media will be great helping hand as it allows us to keep our content and share our ideas, knowledge and skills with an entire world. Landing pages are truly vital and having an attractive and an eye-catchy landing page will be helpful and will engage more readers. Guest-blogging also works well, whereas guest blogging is also an effective way to generate good connections and backlinks. guest-blogging also provide us an opportunity to connect with other great people by sharing our ideas, knowledge and opinions.

    Your each of the suggested tips to gain more subscribers will works well if done properly with hard work and full dedication and adopting these tips will be a great helping hand for several blogger, people and readers.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

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