Having the best ninja blender will uniquely transform your kitchen experience.

If you are a smoothie lover, then the ninja blender with cups is the best option. There are several advantages of using a ninja blender as we are going to reveal in this article.

We hope that you get the much-needed information to help you make the ultimate decision of buying a ninja blender. 

Before you proceed to buy a ninja blender to make baby food or juices for the whole family, be sure to weigh the pros versus the cons of each blender.

Also, look at features like blades, styles, consistency in blending, number of cups, and so forth.

Now that you have a sneak peek, let’s now have an in-depth analysis of the advantages of buying a ninja blender.

1. Advanced Crushing Technology

The high-speed blades on a ninja blender for smoothies never disappoints when making your favorite smoothie or juice.

It uses an electronic control system to adjust the blade arrangement and speed of action.

You can blend your food using three speeds ranging from low, medium to high speed. 

The device uses a patented ninja blade technology that features two unique designs.

You can opt for the six-blade or the four-blade design because any of them fits well to the base of the blending container.

Its blades are positioned in a way that food doesn’t get stuck beneath the container. 

2. Easy Clean

The parts of a ninja blender are detachable for easy clean.

It needs no brainer to disassemble the blender at the time of washing. Besides, you can wash the blender without experiencing any technicalities on the dishwasher. 

When you compare a ninja blender vs food processor, the ninja blender is the easiest to clean.

Upon purchase, you get a manual on how ninja blender works and tips for cleaning the appliance. It also shows how to reassemble the blender to its proper functionality.

3. Available in Different Size Options

A ninja blender with cups comes in several sizes to suit your family needs.

For a big family, you can go for the 9 cups or the 72 ounces size. But if you are fewer in your family, you can buy the 48 ounces or the 40 ounces type. 

Another fun thing about the ninja blender is that its cups come with lids to enable you to secure the smoothie or juice from contamination.

These cups also help you carry the blend along with you on a trip because it prevents spillage of the contents. 

4. It is free of Bisphenol A (BPA)

A ninja blender is BPA free, making it safe for making all types of juices.

BPA is responsible for different kinds of health problems like hormonal imbalance, thyroid issues, and triggers the development of breast tissue.

But when you use a ninja blender, you avoid all these issues because the materials used don’t contaminate food. 

5. Discounts for Buying Online

There is nothing as attractive as making a saving from a purchase.

That is why by buying a ninja blender online, you get discounts that reduce the final price. And who would not love to have price cuts? 

6. Stylish Design and Less Noise

The manufacturer of ninja blenders had an eye for design when creating the ninja series of blenders.

No wonder, they created outstanding designs that match all types of countertops and kitchen surfaces. It is quite ergonomic and also appealing to your senses. 

Because of the high power, there is bound to be some element of noise, but that isn’t the case for ninja blenders.

When you test ninja vs the competitors, you realize the apparent difference-far lesser noise than the rest.

You can use the appliance while listening to some cool music in the background, thus spending happy times in your kitchen. 

7. Ninja Blender for Multiple Functions

Apart from using a ninja blender for juicing, you can use it for several other functions in the kitchen. The blender does the functions of a juicer, food processor, and that of blending.

All you need to do is to adjust the settings, and you get on track to get the desired results. 

You can do soups, salsas, dough making, and more. It is perfect for making beverages like cashew milk, chocolate almond milk, beet berries, green tea, carrot drinks, the list is endless.

For snacks, you can make coconut energy bites, cherry pies, DIY Lara bars, soft cinnamon pretzels-and many others. 


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You have learned the advantages of having a ninja blender. We hope that gives you the confidence to get one for your kitchen.

As you go shopping, don’t forget to check out the best ninja blender site which provides the ultimate guide for buying a ninja blender.

The blender will no doubt be the best addition for your kitchen, over to you to make a wise decision. 

Have some questions or comments? Do not hesitate to drop us your views and we will be happy to connect. 

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