Having a baby is such a blessing of God. A baby lights up any home.

It’s the moment of utter happiness in anyone’s life. But catering to the needs of a baby, feeding the proper diet, sleeping schedule, keeping baby safe and happy, and giving baby the required time, and playing with the baby is what makes parenting sometimes very difficult.

But once you know how to accommodate your baby, the transition in life is the key to being a successful parent at an early age. One of the significant jobs is to make sure the baby is clean and fresh all the time.

Experience of bathing a baby

Most babies are afraid of water and can annoy a lot during the bath and keeping baby fresh i.e. giving bath is one of the tedious yet adoring tasks.

Bathing a baby is such a wonderful experience as it provides accentuated time for bonding between parents and babies. It yields time for parents that is free of distraction for the baby and helps to enjoy the sensation of water on the skin of the baby.

Once you know all the tricks to make bath time a fun time for your baby, your baby will love enjoying splashes in the water and have more fun.

Points to remember before bathing a baby


The skin of babies is very sensitive and thus should be dealt with great care. Adults bath products can be harmful to the baby. Use only baby care products as they are specially designed to keep baby’s skin harmless.

Water Temperature:

Check the water temperature before letting the baby in the water. If the water is too hot or too cold, that could cause a reaction to the baby’s skin and the baby may fall sick as well if the temperature of the water is not appropriate as per the weather and climate.

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Clean the baby gently with soap and water. Do not rub harshly and rapidly. Do not rush. Make it a slow massage therapy that baby enjoys and wash the body from up to down very mildly.

Pool fun:

Let the baby have fun in the bathtub allowing to splash or play in the water. Let the baby relax in the water. The more time baby enjoys in the water, the less afraid of water she’ll be from next time.


Take waterproof baby toys, containers, or floating toys to the bathtub as they can be a wonderful distraction to the baby and makes your work of cleaning the baby easier while keeping the baby happy.


After the bath, gently dry baby. Slowly pat the towel to dry and then wrap a towel around the head and the body of the baby to keep the baby warm.

After bath care:

Apply a moisturizing fragrance-free lotion after the bath to prevent the rashes and dry skin.

Baby bath time is a fun time!

Making baby baths not only fun but also relaxing and easy.

Both at the same time can be a challenging job. Thanks to Cutezes for their baby bath care products to make sure baby bathing a safe experience for both parents and babies.

With the usage of the baby bath kneeler and elbow rest offered by this brand, baby bathing can be easy-peasy as well as lots of fun in no time. You don’t have to worry about anything.

Baby bathing accessories

A baby bath is a splashing time. While most babies love flapping around in the bathtub. Bath hour can occasionally be uncomfortable and tough for mum and dad.

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Our stylish and attractive cushioned, fast-dry knee as well as elbow cushioned rest assists in easing the strain on you and your bathroom. You can now look out your baby in comfort and when the time to get out of the bathtub the cushioned rest baby kneelers and elbow rest fold up as a bath mat. It’s non-slippery for soapy toes and its textured surface prevents a baby from slipping.

Other specifications

Its modifiable height fits effortlessly over the side most baths and saves. You the valuable space when you’ve finished the baby bath by its rolls up feature.

It is very suitable for infant age. Moreover, this compact baby bath is feasible and convenient for parents to work with easy-grip. Proposed and developed with your child’s comfort in mind. It has a very soft foam for the support of the baby. Now, less tormenting and more fun time together is now a key to a great bath time plan!

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