The plants are just perfect gift when it comes to today’s scenario where we see pollution and global warming on an everyday basis.

The plants are just perfect and so are the flowers you can always send flowers to Ahmedabad or any other city.

The best thing you can give is a plant as it is living and it will also add some beauty to their place along with the relaxation that it will also provide but before giving you must see whether they have enough place or not and also the sunlight their place has as some plants prefer the sunny environment and some grow in damp forests.

Let them be a plant parent this year with these beautiful plants and experience the joy of plant parenting:


These plants love sunlight and if this is the first time that your friend or your loved one is being a plant parent then you can always choose this plant.

The best choice is to go for a set as there are so many varieties to this one.

They can also hang them in their house or just keep them near the window, but you just need to remember that their house, must provide enough sunlight.

Remember to water them more in spring and summer and to water the soil directly rather than using any other form of it.

You must remember to keep the succulents clean as they are bound to pick some dust up staying indoors. 


Orchids are the best indoor plants as they don’t require direct sunlight and do last longer than any other plant.

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These plants are known for their fragrance and bulbous blossoms, you can always gift this plant your dear ones and remind them to water this one correctly as the plant cannot stand overwatering and the underwatering either. You can always order flowers online.

You just have to go to the store and look for a plant with green leaves which is flowering right now and then you can also look for the buds as the buds will show that there are many blooms to come, making orchid blooms again is a difficult task but not impossible you can always get these plants to flower with the help of your florists or read blogs related to it online.

Remember to not keep these plants in direct sunlight.


This plant is always praised for its medicinal properties and is perfect for your new plant parent as well as this plant just requires water every few weeks and has a good growth rate, the plant does wonders for skin and sunburns.

If you are someone who just wants to provide a plant that will be beneficial for them then this is the perfect gift.


Mint is just enough to attract the person; it has such a refreshing fragrance to it and if your friend loves cooking then this plant will be their best friend in the long run.

Once added to the food it just makes the dish smell and tastes great.

Now you know a plant which will just bring a smile on their faces when they have it.  This plant can also be used to make herbal tea.

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This plant is just great!


The roses are fragrant and they will add a charm to your friend’s existing garden you can always choose this plant when you are sure that your friend is capable of taking good care of these plants.

As they require a little attention but given the care, they need these plants will just bloom like anything and they will make sure that your loved one feels delighted and so is the magic of rose, it inspires a person and then adds charm to the garden.



The bamboo is the best for symbolizing the best wishes that you have for someone it is known as the symbolizer of good health and happiness. You can always wish your favorite person all this by gifting them a bamboo plant.



The money plant is known to attract wealth and money in the house, you can always gift a money plant to your loved one and just make their house look even better than it was before. The money plant is the best indoor plant to keep.

You can always approach bloomsvilla to check out the amazing plants that are there and you can always use them to symbolize what you feel for them. you can also get home delivery of these plants and if you want these plants to be delivered at midnight or on the same day then that is also possible. Just order on bloomsvilla and you will have these fresh plants at your doorstep.

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