Custom t-shirt printing has become the talk of the town.

There are online agencies providing platforms for individuals to custom design t-shirts. The custom-designed and custom printed shirts will be delivered to you in a short timeframe.

Some online websites specializing in custom printing of t-shirts do not charge shipping charges too.

You can custom design t-shirts for various purposes.

It may be for conveying the message to the society, advertising your product to the public, creating uniformity among team members and employees, exhibiting your artistic mettle to the world, and so on.

A few points must be kept in mind before you go about custom printing of t-shirts. It will start by preparing the taglines, slogans, or artwork to deciding the best firm to custom print the t-shirt/ jersey.

T-shirts could be custom designed using professional designers also.

However, the designers may charge for the services. Hence, adding to the expenditure. It is better to brainstorm and develop custom t-shirt designs in consultation with your peer group.

Finalizing the Agency for Custom Printing of T-shirt

There are numerous firms providing custom designing and custom printing of t-shirts. You must choose the right company for assigning the task.

The perfection of print, longevity, and quality of the fabric used and their experience in the field matter a lot.

You may find local agencies providing the services. However, they will have certain limitations with respect to the designs.

The customization options they allow are limited more often. Hence, limiting your design choices. The production and design costs may be high, as they will be using professional designers.

Since their operation is limited to a specific area and the competition is less, the discounts they offer will be meager. It will not be a favorable deal for you.

The case is different when you approach a national agency, which is competing with similar agencies. They will give you incredible discounts. Thus, the custom printed t-shirts in the high-quality fabric will be affordable.

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In addition to the above, online websites have easy-to-use design tools for you to design your custom t-shirt.

You, along with your friends or colleagues, can prepare the design and upload the same for printing. The customer care representative available 24×7 could be contacted for negotiating discounts on bulk order custom t-shirts.

However, you must be careful while finalizing the custom printing agency. Browse through their designs, records, and transparency.

A credible agency will discuss everything as it is. Based on your assessment and intuition, you can decide upon the firm.

Type of Printing Required

There are 03 types of printing available for custom printing on t-shirts and jerseys. Those are Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing, Screen Printing, and Sublimation Printing.

Each type of printing has its pros and cons. You may have a brief idea about the types of printing before you proceed further.

DTG (Direct to Garment) Printing

DTG is the most commonly used t-shirt printing method. It is developed with the advancement in technology. Hence, DTG does not have any limitations regarding color, type of artwork to be printed, and quantity.

It can print photographic images, artworks, or slogans with perfection.

Since there is no limitation concerning color, the image or artwork may have any color combination or any design. The realistic depiction of images attracts more people to DTG. This is also opted by most of the custom printing firms.

There is no limitation on the number of orders for DTG printing.

A computerized program controls everything. Therefore, the print could be performed on a small number as well as a large number of t-shirts.

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It has less printing cost compared to other printing techniques. DTG will be the best option in case your requirement is one of the following.

  • Custom design is a realistic image
  • Artwork requiring unlimited color options and designs
  • Quick delivery
  • High quality of print needed
  • Order quantity is less

Screen Printing

This is suitable for printing large quantities of t-shirts.

The screen printing method has a limitation on color options and quantity. The method uses injecting colors to the fabric using a mesh stencil.

Hence, a special screen has to be designed for each design. This necessitates a minimum order quantity to meet the budget. Screen-printing can be undertaken on fabric, paper, wood, plastic, and metal.

It incurs high investment costs. Therefore, there are fewer firms specialized in screen-printing. You can opt for screen-printing if,

  • The order quantity of custom-printing t-shirt is high
  • You are not using much variety of colors
  • Using typographic designs or bold graphics
  • The image used is not realistic
  • Opting for printing the same design/ image/ slogan on other gadgets also, including diaries, mementos, and wooden installations

Sublimation Printing

In Sublimation printing, the images initially printed on a paper are transferred to the garment by heating. The images and designs thus printed have longevity.

However, this is not a commonly used technique due to complications.

You may fix upon either DTG or Screen Printing for your t-shirts. As there are not many firms specialized in sublimation printing, the production cost will be more and the quality will be less.

A discussion with the custom printing agency will give you an idea about the type of printing you require.

Purpose of Custom T-shirt Printing

The type of image, artwork, or wording to be printed on the t-shirt will depend on the purpose too. Nowadays, business organizations, supermarkets, social groups, school teams, and sports clubs are custom designing and custom-printing t-shirts.

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Business Firms

Business organizations including superstores, food outlets, restaurants, and coffee shops can have custom designed t-shirts exhibiting their logos and taglines.

A uniform color pattern that is attractive and in one with the firm’s color scheme could be ideal. You can also use customized t-shirts for marketing purposes.

The fame and publicity of your business, product, or service would reach a wider area by this.

School Teams

School teams with custom jerseys depicting the school’s logo and slogan are better for identifying the students from a particular school and generating a sense of togetherness among them.

This will instill a team spirit and the students will fight with added vigor. The sense of unity will also aid them in winning.

Social Groups

Social groups can design t-shirts with slogans and messages to society.

It will convey greater thoughts for the society to follow and be a part of the activities for the greater good of the public. Custom-printing of t-shirts by social groups has been on the rise in the recent past.

It is the best way to publicize powerful and meaningful messages silently.

Understanding the purpose of custom t-shirt printing is of paramount importance.

The purpose will take a backseat if you are customizing it for showcasing your fashion ideas or design sense. It can have cool taglines, catchy images, and complex design patterns as you wish.

It is better to discuss the design styles with your colleagues and friends before finalizing them. Further, you can seek guidance from the professional designers available at online custom printing firms.

You can browse through various companies providing custom designing facilities and choose the best one. Some of them give Cash on Delivery and free shipping also.

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